Constipation Remedies: The Relief You Need in Just One Pill

If you suffer from constipation, you’re not alone. It is estimated that 2.5 million people visit their doctor

constipation remedies

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complaining of constipation each year! Constipation isn’t only uncomfortable, it can negatively affect your immune system and cause serious health problems down the road if left untreated. I’ve been there and I’ve tried a lot of constipation remedies. I’ll review them all in this post.

Symptoms of Constipation

Constipation is medically characterized by the inability to have a bowel movement more than three times per week. Other symptoms include hard, painful stools, a bloated feeling in the abdomen, abdominal cramping and a general “blah” feeling.

What Causes Constipation?

There are many causes of constipation. The most common causes are:

  • Poor Diet

If you’re like most Americans, the vast majority of your food is fast, fried, processed or all three. Lack of nutrients and fiber in the diet is a common cause of constipation.

  • Low Liquid Intake

I know when I don’t drink enough water, my constipation gets worse.

  • Undiagnosed Food Allergies

Constipation can also be caused by undiagnosed gluten or lactose intolerance.

  • Medication Side Effects

Constipation is a common side effect of prescription medications.

Conventional Constipation Remedies


One of the most common conventional constipation remedies is a saline laxative enema. The solution is squeezed into the rectum to stimulate a bowel movement. It’s not one of the most comfortable feelings in the world but it does work.

Stimulant Laxatives

Stimulant laxatives are also commonly used to treat constipation. They should only be used every once in the while as they can cause dependency.

Natural Constipation Remedies

While enemas and stimulant laxatives are alright for occasional use, they don’t get to the source of the problem. Natural constipation remedies can get to the bottom (no pun intended) of the problem and help your body regulate itself naturally.


Water is seriously underrated. If coffee, tea and soft drinks are your usual go-to drinks, they could be making your constipation worse. You need to drink plenty of pure water to encourage your system to flush waste from your body.

Prune Juice

Your grandmother was right. Of all the old-fashioned constipation remedies out there, prune juice does the trick. I, however, don’t care for the taste of it.

Probiotic Supplements

One of the constipation remedies that get to the root of the problem is probiotics. Probiotics are the “friendly bacteria” found in yogurt, kefir and fermented foods. I used probiotic supplements for years with pretty good results.

Psyllium Fiber

Psyllium fiber is a type of water soluble fiber you can mix into water and drink. The fiber adheres to the waste matter in your bowels and helps flush it from your system. I’ll be completely honest: it works but it’s gross.

Digestive Aids

As far as constipation remedies go, digestive aids not only help relive constipation, they help you digest and absorb nutrients from your food.

What You’re Still Missing

The only bad news is, even if you take all of the above constipation remedies, you’re STILL missing two essential ingredients that can permanently relive your constipation: Prebiotics & phenolics.

What are Prebiotics and Phenolics?

Prebiotics encourage the natural growth of beneficial bacteria in your gut. Though probiotics can reintroduce good bacteria into your gut, prebiotics are designed to help your body do it on its own. Phenolic compounds inhibit the growth of bad bacteria while encouraging the growth of good.

kiwi fruitThe best place to get the prebiotics and phenolics you need is not from probiotics and bulk fiber alone. The key is kiwifruit. Constipation remedies made from kiwifruit contain all the ingredients you need to stabilize your digestive system and relieve constipation. Once I tried these, I was happy I no longer had to drink prune juice or psyllium fiber anymore. I got all the relief I needed in just one pill!

So what are you waiting for? See for yourself how effective kiwi fruit can be for your stomach. Time to get rid of constipation for good!

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