Why Kiwi Fruit Calories Don’t Make Me Fat

Anyone who reads this blog might know just how much I love kiwis. I am a champion of the health benefits of kiwis and I love talking about it. But as kiwis are a very sweet and juicy fruit, many might be wondering how I can eat kiwis and take in kiwi fruit calories so often without getting fat. To those people I dedicate this blog post.

kiwi fruit calories
Kiwis are some of the healthiest and most delicious fruits (that last part is just my opinion though). Their health benefits include lots of dietary fiber, antioxidants, folic acid, and much more, and all these things contribute to the reasons I try to eat them relatively often. While I love kiwis, I don’t go overboard when eating them, because as everyone knows too much of a good thing usually becomes a bad thing. Eating too many kiwis may make you fat, yes, but it will have other consequences much before that.

Excess Isn’t Good
Too much dietary fiber, for one thing, can give you all sort of digestive problems, usually at the opposite extreme of the problems you suffer when you don’t have enough dietary fiber. Eating kiwis can help you overcome constipation, gas, indigestion, and much more, but an excess of them will cause diarrhea, discomfort of your digestive system, and indigestion all over again. Too many kiwis may make you fat (that would have to be a huge excess though) and give you stomach problems, but who has the kind of budget for too many kiwis anyway? Unless you have a whole garden of them, you’re probably not going to be overeating on them.

The reason kiwi fruit calories don’t affect me in a way that I gain weight is because while the fruit contains sugar, it also contains many things that counteract any negative effects the sugar might have. For one, all those antioxidants go to work in my body fighting sicknesses and germs and supporting and aiding my immune system. With the help and boost those antioxidants provide, I have much more energy with which to run, jump, play and burn fat in a variety of ways. When you feel better and healthier like kiwis usually help you to, your body digests, processes, and stores your food and kiwi fruit calories so that you burn fat more effectively. While you may be consuming a few calories by eating a kiwi, those are good calories and ones that go to your heart and muscles and energy rather than to your belly and thighs.

An Easier Option
I love kiwi, but there are many that don’t, and for them a great way to get all the goodness of kiwis without the taste or smell is through prebiotic supplements. Digestive supplements containing kiwi, such as Xtend Life’s Kiwi-Klenz prebiotic supplement, give you all the nutrients, fibers, and vitamins of kiwis and leave out the sugar, so if you really want to lose weight, taking these might be a better option. The kiwi fruit calories will hardly do anything to make you fatter, and in many cases they will have the opposite effect, but if you want to take that little extra precaution you can try a quality supplement like Kiwi-Klenz.

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