The Incredible Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits

If you’re anything like me, you love kiwi in all its forms. You love to slice it up and eat it fresh, put it into a fruit salad, spoon it out of its skin, or add it into a dessert. And whether you’re like me or not you have to admit that kiwi fruit is an extremely healthy fruit, and that the kiwi fruit health benefits are many. Even if you don’t like the taste of it (something that’s hard for me to understand) you should at least understand how good it is for you, and consider taking kiwi digestion supplements if the fresh fruit isn’t for you.

Enhanced digestionkiwi fruit health benefits
One of the primary benefits of kiwi fruit is the fact that is has so much dietary fiber. When you eat kiwi you get a great deal of dietary fiber which goes directly to aid and support your digestive system and functions. If you’ve been having discomfort or problems with your digesting, then taking some kiwi in often helps immensely. Sometimes when I’ve had stomach pains or swelling, just eating one or two kiwis gives me just the relief I’ve been hoping for, and even restores all my troubles back to normal.

The dietary fiber contained in kiwi fruit can help prevent many digestion problems, and for that reason it is an extremely popular ingredient in digestive supplements. Kiwi can help prevent indigestion and gas in the stomach, as well as more serious problems like constipation and hemorrhoids. Taking in the dietary fiber you need regularly and can get from kiwis can even help prevent colon cancer.

Prevent illness
Besides dietary fiber the kiwi health fruit benefits are many. You can get a great deal of vitamin c from a single kiwi. Kiwis have proportionally more vitamin C than many other fruits and vegetables do, even more than oranges. Not only that but they are also rich in vitamin E, and the combination of these two vitamins can help the body fight many germs and free radicals in the body. On top of it kiwi fruit health benefits include folic acid, phytonutrients, and protection against sickness and asthma, as well as many more.

Good in pregnancy
As you would already be aware of, folic acid is a must have nutrient for a pregnant woman. It creates the right environment in the womb for the proper development of the baby and kiwis can help here.

Fresh young skin
Not only that, the vitamins C and E are great for the skin too. By fighting off the the free radicals, they protect your precious skin from the one of the major causes of damaged and worn out skin.

How to get these benefits
Kiwis can be found fresh in many places, but can also be bought as supplements for aiding your digestion. These supplements are oftentimes even better for you than a kiwi would be as they also include the skin of the kiwi which has bulk of the nutrients contained in the fruit. An example of one of the best of these supplements is Xtend-Life’s digestion aiding supplement that is made primarily out of kiwi.

You can get all the great benefits from kiwis, whether by eating them raw if you like them, or taking the supplements if you don’t like the taste or can’t find fresh kiwi in your area. Whatever you do you must be sure that you aren’t allergic to the fruit, as kiwi allergies aren’t uncommon. Take great care of yourself by eating kiwi and you can feel better and be much healthier.

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